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Flow Cytometry



General Information:

Our flow cytometry is a BD biosciences FACSAria II. The FACSAria is a new generation bench top flow cytometer/cell sorter. This system is capable of detecting multiple fluorescent color parameters. In addition, it is able to sort four populations simultaneously, up to rates of 30,000 cells/s, into a variety of collection devices.

The FACSAria II operates on a PC-based Windows platform with BD FACSDiva acquisition and analysis. We provide Flowjo software to read flow cytometry data and facilitate complex data analysis.


  • Flow cytometry rates apply to all trained, eligible users. Rates are adjusted each year.
  • Users within the Department of VetMed: $20.00/hour (Analysis); $25.00/hour (Sorting)
  • On-campus users not affiliated with the department: $20.00/hour (Analysis); $25.00/hour (Sorting)
  • Users not affiliated with the campus: $40.00/hour (Analysis); $50.00/hour (Sorting)

For more information, please visit the BDBioscience or Flowjo websites.

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