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VMSC610 Recombinant Viral Vectors (3 credits)

Open to undergraduate students with permission from instructor.
A comprehensive presentation of information on the molecular biology of the most relevant viral vectors developed to date and give insight on vector construction, purification and utilization. Also intended for students in virology and related fields as well as to those interested in the application of viral vectors to basic research.

Instructor: Dr. George Belov

VMSC688A Special Topics in Veterinary Medical Sciences: Advances in Reverse Genetics of Animal Viruses; (1-4 credits)

Instructor: Dr. Siba K. Samal

VMSC689 Use of Genomics and Proteomics in Infectious Disease (3 credits)

Recommended: BCHM463, and BSCI230 or BSCI330 or equivalent; or by permission. Repeatable to 06 credits if content differs. Focus is placed on current biotechnological development and recent research breakthroughs in the field of genomics and proteomics as it relates to infectious disease and drug/vaccine development.
Instructors: Dr. Utpal Pal and Dr. Daniel Nelson

VMSC698 Seminar in Veterinary Medical Science; (1 credit)

Instructor: Dr. Yanjin Zhang

VMSC699 Special Problems in Veterinary Medical Sciences; (1-4 credits)

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