Genomics Resources

The Genomics Resources of the department of veterinary medicine include an ABI 3130xl genomic sequencer with 16 capillaries and an Illumina MiSeq System for advanced sequencing projects.

The Illumina MiSeq System is under the management of the Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory headed by Dr Mostafa Ghanem

Available Instruments

Illumina MiSeq System

The Illumina MiSeq is designed for a broad range of applications and is a powerful genomics tool at the service of the UMD research community. 


The Illumina MiSeq system is designed for a broad range of applications, such as small whole genome (de novo or resequencing), targeted gene, or 16S amplicon metagenomic sequencing applications. 


Output range:  540 Mb-15Gb
Reads per run: 1-25 million
Max Read Length: 2x300 bp

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User Information

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DNA quantification service

The system is also accompanied by a Qubit 4 fluorometer for fast and sensitive DNA quantification. For more information on the Qubit:


If you are interested in using our MiSeq system, please contact Dr. Ghanem in the Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory at the Department of Veterinary Medicine at

User Rates

Costs may change and are based off our current price for the reagent kit. Please contact the lab for the most current user rate.

Run Description



25M reads  MiSeq  (standard) flow-cell v3 (600-cycle)



25M reads  MiSeq  (standard) flow-cell v3 (150-cycle)



15M reads  MiSeq (standard) flow-cell v2 (500-cycles)



15M reads  MiSeq (standard) flow-cell v2 (300-cycles)



15M reads  MiSeq (standard) flow-cell v2 (50-cycles)



Qubit fee, facility-operated, 10 samples minimum




ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer

The 3130xl genetic analyzer provides users access to automated nucleic acid sequencing and analysis.


The 3130xl genetic analyzer provides users access to automated nucleic acid sequencing and analysis instrumentation. The Applied Biosystems 3130xl DNA Analyzer is equipped with a 16-capillary array and can run a wide variety of sequencing and fragment analysis applications. The system offers industry-leading performance, as well as sophisticated automation capabilities to save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity.


Amperage: 15 A
Capillary Length: 80 cm, 22 cm, 36 cm, 50 cm
For Use With: BigDye™Terminator Kits, dRhodamine Dye Terminator Kit
Number of Capillaries: 16 Capillaries
Sample Volume: > 10µL
Size: Up to 950bp
Software: GeneMapper™ Software

Throughput: 23,040 genotypes/24hr (5-dye DNA sizing), 328,000 bases/24hr (Ultra Rapid Sequencing), 17,280 genotypes/24hr (4-dye DNA sizing), 121,600 bases/24hr (Long Read Sequencing)

  • Genomics Core rates apply to all trained, eligible users. Rates are adjusted each year.
  • Users within the Department of VetMed: $10.00/run
  • On-campus users not affiliated with the department: N/A
  • Users not affiliated with the campus: N/A
User Information

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Core Facility Contact

For more information please contact:

Dr. Matthias Corrotte
Core Facility Director
Phone: 301-314-1240