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Free, online, self-directed certification courses on Avian Influenza Biosecurity for Emergency Responders, Backyard Flock Owners, and Youth and 4-H members have been created and are currently under review at Below is a brief synopsis of each course.

Emergency Responders: This course targets emergency response personnel including paid and volunteer EMS, firefighters, law enforcement, and task force teams. Students will learn in-depth emergency management information on Avian Influenza, focusing on the viral agent, prevention, response, and recovery of an outbreak. This course may also serve as a readiness assessment tool for state and federal task force members involved in an Avian Influenza response.

Backyard Flock Owners: This course serves as a tool for small flock, backyard, homestead, and hobby poultry owners to become more informed on Avian Influenza. Students will learn how AI can affect them and their flocks, biosecurity measures that should be practiced to prevent disease, and how to respond and recover in an event of an outbreak.

Youth and 4-H Members: This course is designed for 9-19 year-olds and members of 4-H/FFA. Participants will learn about the Avian Influenza virus, as well as biosecurity measures that are necessary to prevent the spread of disease.

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